Multi Rater Competency Assessment (360 Feedback)

What is Multi-Rater Assessment?
The performance of leaders and professionals is usually measured by their outputs, with less regard to the behavioural aspects of their organizational life.  Often this omission is due to the hesitancy of organizations to see subjective feedback (except from a direct boss or line manager) as useful.  However, the use of multi-rater assessments can leverage subjectivity in an robust and useful way. 

How is it done?
Online mechanisms such as uSee360 provide a reliable, anonymous and efficient way of designing, collecting and reporting on feedback data.  uSee360 is a web-based tool that seeks to solve two main issues.  The first is that when these assessments are done using paper, spreadsheets, email and post boxes, the administration of invitation, collecting, capturing and compiling the reports makes the whole process slow, error-prone and therefore expensive.  The second problem is that when generic research and data collection tools are used, the report-writing can be quite complex to cater for the specifics of people-competency analysis.  Or the OD practitioner is left with a raw data-set and a desktop reporting tool like Excel.

With uSee360, both of these headaches are eliminated by providing cost-effective, highly automated data collection and tracking together with a simple, purpose-written report. This makes uSee360 the ideal solution for 360 degree assessments for both small and large projects.

What are the uSee360 Features and Benefits?
Our product has the following features and benefits:

  1. The assessment criteria are completely under the control of the Executive Team and HR Professionals. These criteria take the form of any number of "clusters" of competencies as well as any number of competencies within each cluster. No presumption on leadership frameworks is made.
  2. The degree of proficiency description of each competency is also completely customizable to allow for actual behaviours to be rated and not only rating scales with general behaviour descriptions. Scoring is also customizable.
  3. It is possible to solicit feedback from any number of raters per person.
  4. There can be any number of customizable rater categories.
  5. Raters are invited (and re-invited) electronically (via email) and submit their responses anonymously (via unique, single-use, key) on a web site.
  6. Raters can start, stop and resume their responses. Each criterion can also accept free-text commentary.
  7. Administrators can check on completion rates for any feedback receiver.
  8. Calculation of results can be at individual and also aggregated at team level.
  9. Standard reports are produced based on standard calculations, and raw data is also available. Verbatim comments are included in the reports.

Are there sample reports?
Some sample reports for various assessments are available here as downloads at the bottom of this page.  These are anonymous reports for generic leadership frameworks.

How is uSee360 Priced?
uSee360 is priced on a "per-ratee" basis.  This means that there is no cost to set up projects, competency frameworks, feedback-receivers and nominees.  When the first nominee is invited to give feedback for someone, one pre-paid credit is deducted from your account.  No further credits are deducted for additional nominees, meaning that there is no limit to the number of nominees.  

The price of each credit unit is dependent on the volume of credits purchased, according to the following table. 

Number of Credits Purchased Price per Credit (ZAR)
1 R 500.00
5 R 400.00
10 R 350.00
20+ R 300.00


  • Other pricing options are available on request
  • These prices are inclusive of VAT
  • The prices don't include consulting services around competency frameworks, or administrative services to run the assessments - both of these services are available on request but are not necessary for the good functioning of the process.

If you wish to make contact with us regarding this product, or apply for a free demo account, please make use of the contact page.